Friday, September 29, 2006

Crocs R Gay?

These rubber shoes are like cell phones...everyone seems to gripe about them, yet everyone seems to eventually cave-in a get involved.

I wore a pair on a ship cruise for work in 2004 and nobody cared..they just thought they were some goofy footwear. This summer, on a followup cruise, they were all the rage. We would pull into some port and those who didn't own a pair of them, were chomping at the bit to hit the "crocs store." Yes, they are to the point where there are stores specifially selling crocs! WOW!

I was a hard sell on wearing crocs until someone bought me a pair. But after I wore them around the house like slippers, I found they were super light and easy to tie on my camel back for swapping out after a ride to work. They were easy to wash and although they make you sweat when its really hot, they never stink.

What can I say? I don't work for Crocs but I know two close people who do. I'm not going to make money on convincing the 5 people who read my blog to buy them. But I see their merit. They are a great idea and most of the time, great ideas don't come in attractive packages.