Sunday, April 27, 2008

Training Update

After a sweet trip to Fruita, this week was "get on the cranks" for me. I was really motivated. Why? I just felt motivated. I had a great time in Fruita, rode strong, I guess it motivated me. It motivated me and seeing my friend Rocket Rob spin up the hills motivated me too.

Monday: 16 miles
Tuesday: 31 miles
Wednesday: 26 miles
Thursday: 16 miles
Friday: 16 miles
Saturday: rest
Sunday: 38 miles (Heil Ranch from Boulder via North Boulder trails and dirt roads to Lefthand Canyon road).

I think the total is 143 miles! Yay me. Off-road miles mostly too.

Rocket Rob in Fruita

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Fruita was most excellent

....but funny to look at the goals compared to reality. I was very ambitious.

Week of April 13-19

Miles ridden(goals vs actual)

Monday: 24, actual: 16
Tuesday: 16, actual: 16
Wednesday: 24, actual: 16
Thursday: 16, actual Snow = 0
Friday: 10 in Fruita, Actual: 13
Saturday: 15 in Fruita, Actual: 15
Sunday: 10 in Fruita, Actual: 4

But Fruita was really fun.

If you hit Fruita or the Grand Junction area, ride the Pet-E-kes trail up to near the Colorado Momument. Great hiking, running and biking trail. Ride up and take the Holy Cross trail down. Supreme riding.

18 road cannot be missed. Sweet smooth singletrack. It's like another planet. No really, it is like another planet. Do it again and again. If Disney knew of it, they would buy it and put a gift shop at the bottom.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Training Update

Weight 184 lbs. Despite the weight not dropping, I feel pretty strong on the bike. I still want to shed 15 lbs before we do the white rim. Mainly because I will be carrying all that water and gear.

Total mileage for the week: 88. Kinda surprising since the week was so wet. I managed to get a 24 miles one day by going the long way home from work, pull off 27 yesterday and 21 today--plus one 16 mile commute.

Our trek to Fruita happens at the end of the week but in the meantime, I hope to rack up some big miles on the predicted warm week ahead.


Monday: 24
Tuesday: 16
Wednesday: 24
Thursday: 16
Friday: 10 in Fruita
Saturday: 15 in Fruita
Sunday: 10 in Fruita

Total: 113

Saturday, April 12, 2008

All Your Cookie Are Belong To Us

Aka ethnic food laughs.

We went to get some food tonight. Some sushi and some Thai at a local joint that has both but also sells knick knacks and other food items.

I browsed and found these....could not resist. I had to know and experience them.

We take them home and proceed to munch on our Sushi and Thai food--yummy. The sushi was salmon and tuna plus some spicy Tuna Rolls. Very delicious. The Thai entrees were Pad Thai with chicken and red curry tofu. It was delicious as well.

So the moment of truth came. What in the world are the "Every Burger?" Gosh even the sound of every burger makes my mouth salivate from the anticipation of what looks to be a McDonald's single burger. This was in spite of me being full from the Thai food and sushi I just gobbled.

I studied the packaging before opening. The only other engrish, (er, uh, I mean english) words on the box were the ingredients and where it was produced, Tokyo, Japan. Ah ha, a Japanese treat. Ok, whatever.

Finally, after carefully opening the box and the silvery plastic foil, every single burger was revealed...ok only half of them, but I know every one of them are in there--it says on the box.

Yes, they are a tasty chocolate cookie treat. Very tasty indeed, despite being a burger.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Training Update

Current Weight: 184 lbs.
Last week mileage 57 miles.
Prior weeks mileage 46 miles.

The days are longer but I still can't get the mileage in due to wet days. I need to get 10 + hrs a week to get that fitness level desired for a great summer of riding.

My normal commute is 8 miles one way. If I ride a long offroad way home, I can add another 8 making it 24 total for the day. Two days of this a week is my goal starting next week since this week is forecast to be wet and messy most of the week.