Thursday, December 21, 2006

Front Range Blizzard Photos

Nala enjoying her roots.

What does this look like?

Breaking out the skis.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Bust My gut Update 8

Wow, tough week...they all are.

Rode my bike lots last week (thursday thru sunday) but then came the weekend of party on Saturday and party on Sunday with lots of food and beer.

But the bad news is my riding...I have the excuse of christmas shopping on monday, a work activity on Tuesday and of course ONE ZILLION inches of snow today. Actually I was going to ride to work today, with plans on riding the bus home but didn't due to wind. Well that was a good move since the RTD bus service stopped in the afternoon due to heavy snow.

So the update is simple: Chaos.

Current weight is stable at 192 lbs.
Calorie intake is unknown
Exercise is unknown

least there is not an increase...

On an ending note....Rest in peace Sergio of Sergio's Roofing. He put a new roof on our house last spring in addition to several neighbors' houses....Sad to hear about his passing from some fuckheads who wanted to steal his car. Amy (Rocky mountain Rat Girl, linked from my blog) was his neighbor. Sergio was a great guy and it's sad to see this stuff happen.

The Sky is Falling

The drive home...I swear this describes my vision was this good.

Accumulation in about 6 hrs....and it's still coming down strong.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Integrated Advertising?

It's a magazines dream situation; advertising and content all in one place. The magazine gets content and revenue, and the product gets stealthy, and possibly convincing, exposure. Take for example the shaving cream below. This article is written about all the amazing chemicals and what they do in a particular can of shaving cream. The stated concept is about the miracles of chemistry. The hidden one is that it's a particular brand that, after reading the article, you might appreciate and want to buy it.

Advertisers already work hard to make ads entertaining so that they grab your attention. Several years ago ads were being made to look like articles and apparently that caused such a stir, they are now required to put "advertisement" on the top and bottom of the ad. But this is the next step. The magazine itself writes the article and kinda hides the ad in the context of the article. I don't believe in this article, the name of the cream was mentioned, but clearly, the photo shows it. Since the article is a genuine piece, you really can't complain that the magazine should label it as an advertisement. Very clever. It's done regularly in many magazines these days. I'm guessing it's very successful.

(I edited the photo to not reveal the name of the shaving cream. If the company paid me an appropriate sum of money, I would have gladly not done so)

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Bust My gut Update 7

So far I have felt a lot better than the scale is's showing basically no progress. Todays weight 193 lbs after an optimistic 191 on Tuesday. Too much holiday activities I suppose considering I have been riding everyday since last Wednesday. Obviously, I have some error in my eating or in my exercise estimations. I gotta point to eating since that is harder to determine when you eat out.

The positive side here is that when you keep track of it, even in rough manner, it keeps you honest. It makes you think, "why isn't this working?" Thus, I think I really need to crack the whip on my calorie consumption, cuz I know i can't do much more exercise that ride my bike to work over an hour each day.

To summarize:

Weeks estimated calorie intake is at least 2000/ day = 14000
Exercise burning 4350 calories.
Weight today is 193 lbs.

Hopefully my metabolism is increasing so my calories burned resting increases too. I try to stay positive....I've done this before. This is the key to accomplishment--sticking to your goals and having patience.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Hurry up SanDisk

Eight GB solid-state MP3 players are out but I need at least 16 to replace my iRiver. SanDisk has the 16 Flash card out so it's a matter of time when the players come out. Of course iPods will be released as well with this capacity.

Lidarman craves this more than a pimply gamer needs his playstation3.

I'm guessing 30 GB solid-state players will be out in 2008. The hard-drive player will soon be extinct. Thank goodness. I'm tired of hauling around this cigarette pack sized hard drive unit.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Bust My gut Update 6

So after a week of no results, followed by a weekend in Las Vegas, a fun time I might add, I'm going to make this a weekly update. It seems senseless to do this daily since I'm reporting more chaos than results.

So today, I give the following update and next week on wednesday, I will give once for the whole week.

Current weight: 194 lbs (thank goodness, after vegas it didnt go up...must be the walking)
Estimated calories consumed today: 2000
Estimated calories burned: 600

Monday, December 04, 2006

Las Vegas

Sorry no bust my gut for tonight....I'm reeling from the devistation.