Friday, January 05, 2007

Snow: Round Three

It just keeps piling up. At least I got some exercise.

The ice has been so bad lately, it's dangerous to take the dogs out. I have snowshoes but although there is a lot of snow, there are lots of clear paths too that make snowshoes really clumsy--especially if I choose to walk on the street. Unfortunately those paths and the street can have some serious ice. I feel like I'm doing the Saturday Night Fever split dance move or some sort of yoga position several times a walk. A groin pull is something I really don't care to have, not to mention falling on my ass.

A coworker recommended some Yaktrax and wow, that was a good recommendation. They slip on like slippers and grip like crampons. Probably one of the best things I have purchased in a while. They stay solidly on my feet too. I feel so confident in them, I feel I could play basketball on an ice rink. But conversely, walking on my tile floor is them IS like walking on an ice rink.