Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Hot Sauce

Yummm... spicy foods. No surprise when you realize that I grew up in Albuquerque, NM. I feel I am an expert on the chemical Capsaicinoids (Chile chemistry)

But I'm not an expert as a chemist, more like as a lab rat. I grew up eating chile. Some people call it chilli but in NM, they call it chile, or chile peppers. NM big jims are the best and define the NM chile experience.

Anyhow, as a consequence I like hot sauce and one of the common sauces I see here in Colorado is Cholula. I guess it's the most popular Mexican sauces.

When you have some sauce like Cholula, you will never use Tabasco again. Tobasco is like vinegar with some tongue burning potion. Never understood the attraction to it.

I use Cholula like ketchup...on my fries, on my eggs, on my goods everywhere. It's good stuff. Please Cholula, send me money for pumping your product to my five blog readers.

Yes I wrote all this BS so I could justify my photo....:P