Monday, May 12, 2008

Training Update

Last two weeks

April 28 - May 4

103 miles

May 5 - May 11

128 miles including Riding Hall Ranch from the house which was 53 miles in under 4.5 hours. This included 3000 feet of climbing and mostly offroad riding. It was a great metric for riding White rim since it is almost exactly half of the 104 mile white rim trail which also has 6000 feet of climbing. When I rode into Lyons at mile 34, I felt really good, then I had a beer at Redstone Cyclery and my energy levels plummeted. The last 19 miles was brutal, especially since I had a head wind and a time constraint. However, I didn't take the shortest rout back, I took the most mentally stimulating route back.

If I had to do white rim tomorrow, I think I might be able to do it--as long as I don't have that beer in the middle.

The route:

Some of the experience along the way.