Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Change of Ridestyle

Sunday, as I was maintaining my Schwinn hardtail bike, I found the rear dropout broken. Yes, It was broken and simply held together by the rear wheel. It's history.

After 20,000 plus miles, it's no more. Sad actually.



I could find a cheap replacement frame--but not yet. I pulled my dusty 1993 Raleigh M500--that I made into a single speed--off the wall. Might as well ride it a little and see if I like it as a singlespeed. If not, I will pull the parts over and build it up with some gears.

The first day sucked. 32-17 gearing is too easy for commuting. So when I got home, I switched out the rear to the smallest I had, 14. Now I have 32-14.

Not too bad today. It was ok on the climbs and not terrible on the down. I might look into 34-14 later but for now, this is a go. My bad knee doesn't particularly like the fast spin on the flats but I can lay off.

UPDATE: The gearing was still too easy. So I put on a 12 tooth, making it 32-12--Very nice. It's good on the flats and makes me stand and use the bars on moderate hills. Not sure I could do any real trail on it but I intend to try Marshall Mesa at some point.

Threw the bell and a speedometer on the sucker tonight. I definitely need the bell with the clueless people on the trails here. Some people almost have to be run over to let them know you could run over them.