Tuesday, October 02, 2012

WRIAD food plan

White Rim In A Day is on Sunday October 7, 2012.

I have been experimenting with food on rides and have my plan set.  It consists of the normal taper of not riding hard this week while at the same time eating carbs to load the muscles and liver with glycogen.

I find on my rides that even though I eat a lot, I might not be eating enough.  Also, I can't just eat sugars and gels the whole ride. I like solid complex and tasty food and my food of choice is is burritos.

Here is my food list:

The last three items are breakfast, which hopefully is at least an hour and a half before we depart.

Chomps are a "jello" energy product of Gu. They are palatable and lack the mess.  Skratch is a light energy drink mix from Skratch labs that will be in a 100 oz bladder.

And, the bean burritos are delicious.

I think many people would skip the burritos due to the extra fiber but I love em, they sit in my stomach well-- and besides, there are lots of toilets on the while rim! ;) 

It's best to eat what works for your body.

As far as hydration that is not included in the Skratch mix or the chocolate milk, is a 100 oz bladder of pure water and two 22 oz water bottles of pure water.