Thursday, November 30, 2006

Bust My Gut Update 5

I never got around to doing an update yesterday. However, since it was snowing all day, I never really got much exercise either.

But here it is:

Yesterdays weight: 192 lbs
Estimated calorie intake: 2200
Exercise: Nothing significant.

Todays Weight: 194 lbs
Estimated calorie intake: 2000
Exercise: Riding to bus stop 150 calories, dog walk 50 cals. EDIT: Turns out I decided to ride home all the way so that is another 400 calories. There were icy spots all over so it was a huge mental challenge. Riding on the shoulder of the road for the last two miles was scary as well with not much room between me and the passing cars. I had a light, but still it was dark and very cold.

Because of a trip tomorrow, I will not be doing an update till next tuesday.

The Hoar frost was beautifu this morningl.

And the effort to get to work.