Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Bust My Gut Update 4

Today was dangerous. Chipotle was offering free burritos. 1000 Calories in a Chipotle Burrito...did you know this? It's true even though Chipotle won't tell you.... Glad I skipped breakfast.

The breakdown

Tortilla :330 cals
Steak: 230 cals
Cheese: 110 cals
Rice: 240 cals
Beans: 138 cals
Salsa: 28 cals

Total 1076

Source: Chipotlefan.com

So for the update:

Todays weight: 194 lbs
Estimated calorie intake: 2100
Exercise: Mountain bike ride: 1000 cals, walking dogs: 50 cals.

So far, effectively no change in weight shows how hard this is even with exercise. I haven't been super diligent on cutting calories but you gotta eat, especially when exercising. I think metabolic changes will start occuring soon though. Sticking to it is the key.

Tomorrow might be a disaster. There is a lot of snow already on the ground and the likelyhood of riding to work is slim. A plan to run with the dogs in the morning is in the relm of possibility--and not a bad one since its' a good way to keep warm and burn calories when there is lots of snow.