Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Bust My gut Update 7

So far I have felt a lot better than the scale is's showing basically no progress. Todays weight 193 lbs after an optimistic 191 on Tuesday. Too much holiday activities I suppose considering I have been riding everyday since last Wednesday. Obviously, I have some error in my eating or in my exercise estimations. I gotta point to eating since that is harder to determine when you eat out.

The positive side here is that when you keep track of it, even in rough manner, it keeps you honest. It makes you think, "why isn't this working?" Thus, I think I really need to crack the whip on my calorie consumption, cuz I know i can't do much more exercise that ride my bike to work over an hour each day.

To summarize:

Weeks estimated calorie intake is at least 2000/ day = 14000
Exercise burning 4350 calories.
Weight today is 193 lbs.

Hopefully my metabolism is increasing so my calories burned resting increases too. I try to stay positive....I've done this before. This is the key to accomplishment--sticking to your goals and having patience.