Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Bust My gut Update 8

Wow, tough week...they all are.

Rode my bike lots last week (thursday thru sunday) but then came the weekend of party on Saturday and party on Sunday with lots of food and beer.

But the bad news is my riding...I have the excuse of christmas shopping on monday, a work activity on Tuesday and of course ONE ZILLION inches of snow today. Actually I was going to ride to work today, with plans on riding the bus home but didn't due to wind. Well that was a good move since the RTD bus service stopped in the afternoon due to heavy snow.

So the update is simple: Chaos.

Current weight is stable at 192 lbs.
Calorie intake is unknown
Exercise is unknown

least there is not an increase...

On an ending note....Rest in peace Sergio of Sergio's Roofing. He put a new roof on our house last spring in addition to several neighbors' houses....Sad to hear about his passing from some fuckheads who wanted to steal his car. Amy (Rocky mountain Rat Girl, linked from my blog) was his neighbor. Sergio was a great guy and it's sad to see this stuff happen.