Thursday, August 23, 2007

Bust My Gut Update 11

I should rename this to "training for the white rim-in-a-day" ride.

Last update was here:

Bust my gut update 10

Besides trying to ride more to get back in shape, a buddy and I (Rob for those who know) decided we are riding the 104 mile white rim trail in CanyonLands, Utah in one day the first week of October.

Thus I have been riding a whole lot more--training you could say. My goal is over ten hours a week and over 100 miles a week offroad, working up to 15 hrs a week and 50 mile plus rides on weekends.

I am riding a lot more easy, but long rides. Hours and Hours on the trails. Lots of mp3 music pounding my eardrums while I pound the pedals.

But the good news is I feel great, down to 179 lbs and after a ride today dehydrating even though I drink a ton, I weighed 176 at one point. I would love to hit 170 before the ride date.

But forget the weight loss idea. I rode today, 40 miles and when I was done, felt great. Not sure I could do it again...nor do it again and then do 24 miles more after that...But that is what training is about.