Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Feeling of Getting Fit

It's been a long time since I have been this fit. Perhaps 2003, when I was riding all the time, riding hard, and years younger.

Then the injuries started....recovery, injury, recovery, then work got really busy. Burnout, big time.

Finally this year, I got a breather and motivation. It started slow with the cold and snowy winter, but I finally got in the groove.

I have been riding hard for the last two months...I mean really hard. Riding to work every day, riding long rides when I can on weekends. Putting lots of miles and hours.

It's starting to pay off. Fifteen pounds less weight than December, 2006, I feel like I can almost ride forever.

Last night I went on a ride at Hall Ranch. My last ride there was in May or June and I felt like even in my lowest gear, I was dying on the climbs. I felt the pain in my legs. My heart rate was pegged. My eyes were burning from the sweat pouring off my forehead. I was breathing so hard, I got a runners stitch. I was so ashamed that I was once really fit and wound up like this.

In contrast, last night felt weird. The climbs, even in my middle chain ring felt buttery smooth. It was like I was paralyzed yet had control of my legs. I wasn't fast mind you, but I could feel myself move forward and up constantly without any sensation of pain. No heavy breathing. I was sweating, but not profusely--just a shiny coating covering my skin. It kinda felt magical, a sort of bliss. It was like my mind was completely free to think and listen to music on my mp3 player while I rode the escalator to the top.

It made me high.

Three laps on the loop, a ride around to the other parking lot, and 17 miles later, I joined everyone for beer at Oscar Blues.

What a memorable ride. No wonder it's an addiction.