Thursday, November 01, 2007

Hot Potato

The music stopped for Crocs stock today. Is the fad over?

I have a few investments and this one has been good to me. After making 45% return on it, I sold it at $72. Then I bought it back last week when it dropped back down to around $65 dollars a share. It climbed to a record high of $74, and I sold it at $72 a couple days ago.

Today it plummeted to about $48! You read that right, $27 drop in one day.

WHEW, dodged that one. I almost feel proud, but I just got damn lucky.

Todays slide was due to earnings not meeting some peoples expectations, even though they were pretty damn good. CROX has been blowing away everyone expectations and I guess the price reflected really, really high expectations. What this really means is the price actually reflects that people's expectations are to have their expectations blown away. If that makes any sense. Some people say the market contains the information of the true emotions of people, even though the people themselves think otherwise. Interesting phenomenon.

Lessons learned are, always watch your stock and the news surrounding it--and realize the emotional frenzy but don't get involved.