Wednesday, January 09, 2008

What I have been waiting for.

32 GB mp3 player without a hard drive.

Sandisk view

Well I lied, I want more than even 32 GB but my harddisk iriver barely held my music, was bulky, finicky and had poor battery life. This is what I have been waiting for.

Since I got the iriver, I moved to a Sandisk e280 8 GB player. Small, compact and long battery life. I really like it but hate deleting and adding music.

The view not only has 32 GB of memory, it has a slot for and SDHC card and with an 8 GB card currently available, I can have a player with 40 GB that is compact for less than $400.

I can put all my music on it now....well almost.

BTW, by the time I buy, I'm sure it will be a lot less than $400. Way cheaper than Apples' offerings no matter when I jump.

And next year, I will probably be wanting the 64 GB version for sure...maybe even the 128 GB version. Seems silly, but it will be HD movie capable by then, and all I want is something for my music.