Friday, December 02, 2005

Cabo San Lucas Area Mexico

Thanksgiving weekend was about special friends. We joined six of them on a wonderful trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. However, we actually spent very little time in Cabo. In fact the only reason we wound up in Cabo was due to a wrong turn on our way to Todos Santos.

An Aside: The trip started smoothly enough for a holiday travel day, well sorta. We flew Frontier airlines but before take-off the plane was delayed for 20 minutes due to apparently some people not boarding the plane. So they had to go through all the luggage and remove it! Tsk, tsk.

So upon arrival in San Jose Airport, Renee and I discovered our luggage was not on the plane. Oh no, it couldn't be! They took our luggage off instead of the people who didn't show up?

So we fill out paperwork, panic, scramble, cry, etc.

The next day, we did get our luggage but more importantly, we got an explaination of what happened; They didn't think we were on the plane, so they removed our luggage!

Rant: So not only did Frontier make an error in not recording us in the manifest as boarding the plane, they made a second and more critical error in not walking on the plane and verifying that we were not sitting in our seats making snide remarks about the rudeness of those people who did that! No, instead, they all stood around chatting, delayed the 100+ people in having the crew remove our luggage. Pathetic! Frontier will be getting a juicy letter about this incident.

The cast is from left to right (Me, Claudia, Kim, Rob, Karen, Kellye, Renee, and Nancy)

The house we stayed at was wonderful. It is solar powered, desalination equipped, beautiful, and just exciting to be at. It had a main house, two casitas, and a 2100 foot professional gym. It is northeast of San Jose Near Punta Gorda.

The views from the porch were spectacular

There was kayaking, snorkeling, swimming, 4-wheeling walking drinking, eating .....

We had some friends stop by.

We toured the area, saw San Jose, and Todos Santos where of course there are shops everywhere with interesting things.

More pix can be seen here