Tuesday, October 02, 2007

White Rim Postponed

Out of the whole week, the weather decided not to play fair for Thursday and it's going to be really windy. Yes, makes me a wimp. Rob is still wondering if his bashed knee is good to go anyway, but riding 100 miles in the wind, which is predicted to be 18 mph along with much stronger gusts, doesn't sound that pleasant. I have ridden the white rim trail before and wind is no fun with the blowing sand.

It's a deceptive thing with strong winds. You think you have a headwind half the time and a tailwind the other half so it washes out. But a side wind sucks too. So what you really have is a head wind 1/4 the time, a tail wind 1/4. the time and a side wind 1/2 the time. So 3/4 of the time is miserable.

Sunday, according to the forecast would be quite optimal, but we have other logistics that won't work out. Thus, we are going to re-consider doing it in the spring. A disappointing decision, but least we can still do other rides.