Monday, October 01, 2007

MTB Mileage Summary

September 24-30:

Monday, Tuesday rest.
Wednesday 67 miles
Thursday: 23 miles
Friday: 16 miles
Saturday 13 miles

Total 119 Miles.

Thursday is the white rim ride...all packed and ready. Leave Wednesday morning to scope it out, do a short ride and get food stash ready.

Oddly enough, Rob, who instigated this ride, fell on Sunday and ripped his kneecap open....requiring several stitches. His doctor said he was probably good to go and Rob's spirits are very positive.

Let the fun begin.

Gear so far minus the 2 bottles of Gatorade, two sandwiches, dried blueberries and the water in the bladders.

And the bike...all geeked out with fast tires, GPS, light, odometer, water bottles, a bell...and even anal beads. ;-)