Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Fruita was most excellent

....but funny to look at the goals compared to reality. I was very ambitious.

Week of April 13-19

Miles ridden(goals vs actual)

Monday: 24, actual: 16
Tuesday: 16, actual: 16
Wednesday: 24, actual: 16
Thursday: 16, actual Snow = 0
Friday: 10 in Fruita, Actual: 13
Saturday: 15 in Fruita, Actual: 15
Sunday: 10 in Fruita, Actual: 4

But Fruita was really fun.

If you hit Fruita or the Grand Junction area, ride the Pet-E-kes trail up to near the Colorado Momument. Great hiking, running and biking trail. Ride up and take the Holy Cross trail down. Supreme riding.

18 road cannot be missed. Sweet smooth singletrack. It's like another planet. No really, it is like another planet. Do it again and again. If Disney knew of it, they would buy it and put a gift shop at the bottom.