Thursday, June 26, 2008

Amazing to look back at this

Bust my gut project

195 lbs when I started.

This morning I weighed in at 178 lbs.

17 lbs less--nearly 10%.

Yes, it's been a long time and a lot of frustration but it's paying off and I feel good. I had ambitious goals then and didn't achieve them but I kept pushing and tweaking my routine.

Notable is that is was harder than I thought. I recall when I was younger, this was easy and everyone reads all these plans on how easy it is to lose pounds a week. It's not that easy once we get older. This is the most important thing I have learned based on my lifestyle.

The 10 pound in ten days plan is for suckers sending money to temporarily dehydrate themselves while making a salesperson rich.

The two pound a week plan is for dreamers or extreme and lucky people.

The one pound a month plan is for real people devoted to it.

Like I said, you also need to realize if you have lost weight successfully in the past, it's not that easy now--you need to up your game now that you are older. It's harder. You are older and slower and the hill is steeper and longer. Sorry for the bad news, but you cannot live in fantasyland. Reality is painful and unavoidable.

I seemed to be at 184 lbs for the last six months but suddenly had a breakthrough. Part was keeping my bike mileage at 100+ miles a week but other things were making unsweetened iced tea at work and keeping moving when I was not riding. They key I found was keeping happy...for many people food is happiness under stress and if you can find a zero calorie substitute, you win.

What is really important here is that not only have I lost the mass, I have increased my endurance and fitness to achieve a long term goal or riding the white rim in a day without killing myself. Long term goals are very effective and important.

I still have a goal of 170 lbs and I plan to achieve it by August.

White rim is in October.