Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sorry Sandisk

I love my 8GB sansa and was excited about the new 32 GB Sansa View for more expandable storage.

Adventures of Lidarman: What I have been waiting for.

But I did some research and found that there is no way to change the battery. Sad. Other players like the Zen are less expensive and yes, you can change the battery. I use mine every day and wind up killing the battery in about a year. I have changed the battery in my iriver and feel close to needing to change it on my Sansa 8GB.

Thus, I have changed my opinion on Sandisk so much, I am looking at other players and I sold my 100 shares of stock (SNDK--luckily I sold a while back and didn't lose my azz but now it's so cheap maybe I will buy it back :P ).

Of course this is a moot point if I wind up buying a new player before I kill the battery every time. Most people probably do this.

I still like your cheapo and reliable compact flash cards though....the ones I use for all my photos.